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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Brand Name: senci-on
  • Model Number: pro0464
  • Model: SENCION pro1
  • Detection Method: Electromagnetic Impulse Radar
  • Detection Depth: ~50cm
  • Resolution Pitch: ~±2mm
  • Operation Modes: A,B,Surface layer mode
  • Display Method: Liquid Color Display
  • Power Source: DC 12V Battery
  • Operating Environment: ~40℃ 95% RH
  • Dimensions / Rader Unit: 224Wx200Dx160Hmm / 1.5kg
  • Dimensions / Processor: 75Wx125Dx170Hmm / 1.0kg

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details trunkcase
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Easy to operate and High quality kit metal detector senci-on pro for industrial use , small lot order available


Buildings, bridges and many other vital structures are made from reinforced concrete, yet it is impossible to determine reinforcement rod placement by external visual examination of a structure. The SENCION PRO’s radar is ideally suited for analyzing the strength of structures, finding fault to prevent accidents and investigating causes of accidents. The SENCION PRO can accurately determine whether reinforcement rods have been placed according to construction drawings.


  • Non-contact, non-destructive operation

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Operation by single operator

  • Saving and retrieving data by IC card ,standard

  • No need for power outlet

  • New Liquid Crystal Display allows for outdoor operation

  • Built-in wheels for consistent operation

  • 10 hours continuous operation with portable battery


Model                                  SENCION PRO1

Detection Method               Electromagnetic Impulse Radar

Detection Depth                   ~ 50cm

Resolution Pitch                  ~ ±2 mm

Operation Modes                A•B mode

Display Method                   Liquid Color Display

Power Source                     DC 12V Battery

Operating Environment       ~40°C  95% RH

Dimensions                         Radar Unit

                                              224W×200D×160Hmm 1.5Kg 


                                              75W×125D×170Hmm   1.0Kg

Packaging & Shipping

The package contains one each of th following:

  1. The SENCI-ON
  2. Signal processing box
  3. Screwdriver for adjustment use
  4. Portable battery
  5. Power cable
  6. Signal cable
  7. Timer
  8. AC charger
  9. IC card
  10. Instruction manual






Reinforcement Rod Detector which Measures Surface Layer Thickness SENCI-ON PRO2

Detection capabilities of top industrial standards

Lightweight and handy SENCI-ON PRO,utilizing it's characteristics, now has a added function of measuring the thickness of asphalt and concrete.By setting the frequency ofthe electromagnetic waves high, not only can the SENCI-ON PRO detect the positions of reinforcement rods and pillars within concrete, but can now measure the thickness of the surface material as well. With this new function, diagnostics of concrete overlay has also been achieved. The SENCI-ON PRO employs a new liquid display suited for outdoors and promises operation at ease even under the sun in midsummer. It's large capacity battery will operate the SENSI-ON PRO for approximately 10 hours with one full charge.


Surface Layer mode

Surface layar displayed as shown. Thickness measured by moving the cursor




Reinforcement Rod Detector which Measures the Relative Dielectric Constant SENCI-ON PRO3

Detection capabilities of top industrial standards

Lightweight and handy SENCI-ON PRO,now comes with it's special application to measure the dielectric constant.

This improvement of function to measure the dielectric constant is now possible by increasing the frequency conversion of the electromagnetic waves.   The  SENSI-ON PRO has been designed for industrial applications and reseach institutions.


Circular detection mode

increased representational qualities by circular display mode



Product Description

  A new generation electromagnetic detector

The SENCI-ON is featherweight electromagnetic wave detector with clear-cut functions, designed to solve the practical problems that have plagued conventional electromagnetic detectors: size, weight, and complexity.

Sencion devices catches the position and depth of an investigation subject using electromagnetic waves, and displays an investigation section on a monitoring screen in an instant.
It are all detectable a wide range of substances, such as underground conduits, cavities, and reinforcement rods within concrete, to mention a few.

Since the Sencion can catch clearly the cave on the back of a concrete structure, such as a cave under a road surface, a tunnel, a bank, it demonstrates power to accident prevention, such as a cave-in and land subsidence.

The Sencion devices allow for the Detection and monitoring of all kinds of materials.
The devices can be used not only for just underground Detection, but also for any kind of situation, such as for providing security at a concert venue. For example, you can check the safety of the liquid in a plastic bottle without even opening the bottle. There are various possible ways to use the Sencion devices, and we think users will discover new applications as they use the device. Make sure to get in touch with us if you are interested.

Detection principle

The SENCI-ON uses exactly the same principles as radaremployed by airplanes and marine vessels.For example,airplane radars emit radio waves in 360 degrees. Radio wavesdeflected by another airplane are received by the radar antenna.The time between the emission and the reception is used to calculate the distance to the second airplane. The direction of the antenna is used to determine its position in space. As the objects that the SENCI-ON detects are stationary, location and depth are determined by moving the antenna.

Detectable objects

The SENCI-ON detects all types of non-soil objects, such as plastic or Hume pipes, cavities, strata boundaries, and water tables. It can also be used to find avalanche victims, check wooden materials for cavities, and find reinforcement rods in concrete…the list is too long to write! However, since radio wave reflection characteristics vary depending on the material, some objects are easier to detect than others.SENCI-ON operators become more and more efficient as they practice and acquire experience.



 We have gathered the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have that are not covered here.


Question List

  • What is the Sencion series?

The Sencion series are non-destructive detection devices which use electromagnetic waves.
The devices are ultra-light and portable, allowing for easy Detection performed by one operator.
There are various products to suit your needs.

  • How and on what principles does Sencion work?

It employs the exact same principles as radars used on aircraft and ships.
Emit radio wave in direction of survey→Wave hits the target object and is reflected→Returns to the antenna. Then, the position is indicated from the depth calculated from the wave turnaround time and the direction of the antenna.

  • What can Sencion inspect?

Sencion is a device for inspecting and detecting any kind of material.
It has wide-ranging applications, such as for disaster relief, contraband Detection, cavity Detection, buried object Detection, reinforcement rod detection, archaeological surveys, unlawful dumping Detection, dangerous object Detection, and liquid explosive detection.

  • What are electromagnetic waves?

  1. Sine wave: a basic wave
  2. Amplitude: shows the normal oscillating height.
  3. Cycle: time from one peak to the next peak.
  4. Frequency: the reciprocal of cycles, meaning 1÷cycles is called the frequency. This amount indicates the number of sine waves entered within one second (number of oscillations).
  5. Wavelength: the distance of equal transition from a peak to the next, or from one valley to the next.
  • What are microwaves?

enerally speaking, microwaves indicate electromagnetic waves with a wavelength in the range of 0.1mm-1m.

  • This length is just right for detecting airplanes and boats.
  • Directivity is good since the wavelength is relatively short (Proceeds straight without expanding).
  • In the air and sea wavelengths are longer than a speck of dust, so they can go straight without scattering.
  • How does the antenna work?

The antenna consists of a transmitter and receiver.
Waves sent from the transmitter are bounced off of an object.
Then they are picked up by the receiver and analyzed by the receiving circuit to determine what the object is.
The Sencion series uses superior analysis circuits compared with other makers, allowing for an improved sensitivity which we are proud of.

  • What is the survey depth when using Sencion?

[Standard Antenna]

Type I(mid-size)  :2.5m

Type II(standard):1.5m

Type III(small     ):0.8m

  • What is the relationship between the size of antenna and the depth?

Use the medium size antenna for inspecting deep areas.
When inspecting relatively shallow spots we recommend the small size antenna.
The small antenna features high resolution which makes small objects easy to see.

  •   What precautions need to be taken when using the Sencion?

Please take notice of the following four points when using our product.

  1. he electromagnetic wave will be excessively affected and suddenly be attenuated in locations of high conductivity, where the soil has a high salinity. It may not be possible to obtain accurate measurement readings.
  2. Switching the individual antennas may be necessary depending on the size of the object of monitoring.
  3. Please note that when conducting leak Detections that underground water will have a continuous effect.
  4. Establish Detection methods for each Detection site. For example, lay a plywood panel to scan an area where rocks prevent the cart from moving.



Case Study

  1. Disaster rescue

  2. Detection of smuggled goods

  3. Detection of buried objects

  4. Detection of cavities in landfill, walls and tunnels

  5. Detection of reinforcement rods

  6. Investigation of archeological sites

  7. Detection of illegally dumped waste

  8. Detection and investigation of dangerous object

    (mines, unexploded shells, etc.)

  •  Disaster Rescue

Investigation of disaster sites such as avalanches and mud slides are difficult and dangerous, yet speed is of the essence as human lives are at stake.

The SENCI-ON provides an effective means to quickly locate victims buried in snow or debris flow.

Emergency rescues have been conductedinefficiently at disaster sites in the past. The SENCI-ON is an effective time and life saving detection tool for these emergency situations.

  • Detection of Smuggled Goods

Smuggling drugs, guns and other prohibiteditems by hiding them in cavities in wooden or stone objects is on the increase. Inquiries have been made about the use of the SENCI-ON by overseas custom officials.This detector can find smuggled items without damaging the imported item.

X-ray and metal detection devices are currently available, but they are of limited use in finding items smuggled inside large wooden or stone objects. The SENCI-ON is the solution to this problem. The above analysis clearly shows the inclusion of smuggled items.

  • Detection of Buried Objects

Buried pipes and other objects can be located and analyzed without excavation.

With the SENCI-ON, one individual can perform maintenance on and repair of buried Lifelines.

  •  Detection of Cavities

Disasters can be prevented by accurately detecting ground depressions, bridge fatigue,cavities under paved road surfaces, concrete tunnels, are on the rise in Japan. Older tunnels become potentially dangerous after heavy rainfalls. In an effort to prevent such disasters, the Japanese Government has ordered Japan Railways to investigate old tunnels for cavities occurring under the concrete overlay. The SENCI-ON has governmental approval to be used in such investigations.

The analysis results clearly show an under-ground cavity which could cause a serious accident. Repair work later revealed the size of the cavity was approximately 1.5 cubic meters.

  • Detection of Reinforcement Rods

Reinforcement rods are used in buildings, bridges, and other structures to enhance their strength. However the position of these rods cannot be determined by examining the surface. The SENCI-ON is an ideal tool for detecting the location of reinforcement rods and determining whether construction has been completed to specifications. This is vital in accessing the strength of a structure in order to prevent accidents or investigate the cause of an accident that has occurred.

Investigation of the internal structure of concrete provides an effective means for determining its strength and the location of reinforcement rods.This analysis clearly shows the reinforcement rods inside the concrete structure.

  • Investigations of Archeological Sites

There are a number of famous archeologicalsites around the world. The SENCI-ON is an essential investigative tool for excavation of these sites. The use of the SENCI-ON ensures increased efficiency in defining the area to be excavated and determining the location of human bones, stone rooms and other artifacts.

  At excavation sites of archeological national treasures, the area to be investigated must be defined to assure efficient progress. The SENCI-ON is particularly suited to the investigation of treasure troves such as tile kilns and stone rooms.

  • Detection of Illegally Dumped Waste

The SENCI-ON can also be utilized for the detection of industrial and other waste which has been illegally dumped underground.Because it is super light and portable, investigations are more efficient than those conductedwith conventional detectors.

Industrial waste that has been illegally dumped in underground sites causes environmental and other damage. When such a dump site is discovered, the general distribution of the contamination can be determined efficiently utilizing the SENCI-ON.

  • Detection and Investigation of Dangerous Objects(mines, unexploded shells, etc.)

Currently a global issue of deep concern to many, are the countless number of land mines and unexploded shells left littering past battlefields and war sites. Although condemned as an international problem, mines are still being produced by China and some Western countries.The SENCI-ON is a powerful weapon in the battle to detect land mines- even plastic ones.Conventional metal detectors cannot detect unexploded, non-metal shells and land mines.But the SENCI-ON, with its original 3-D system and data storage is much more accurate. The stored data can even be analyzed on a PC.

Unexploded shells and land mines impose enormous risks to the lives and limbs of localcitizens. The SENCI-ON is a formidable tool for detecting these dangerous objects.The SENCI-ON is a featherweight, portable detector which enables its operator to locate objects simply and safely.


Product Overviews

Featherweight Portable Detection Radar SENCI-ON beta

Ultralight Transportable Electromagnetic Wave Prospecting Device

SENCI-ON beta1 is a portable ground penetrating radar with both detection antenna and monitoring display built into one complete system. Detection is achieved by analyzing the reflective qualities of the electromagnetic waves, both location and depth is displayed instantly along with the cross section of the scanned terrain.

Seepage detection RadarSENCI-ON beta2 has been developed specifically for the purpose of detecting water leakage resulting from fractures or breakage of underground piping. The automatic dielectric constant analysis system will instantly analyze the degree of saturation in the soil, and display the depth of the water leakage on the screen. 

The evolution of electromagnetic detectors has made it capable of analyzing underground soil conditions.  There user considerations have been reflected upon Geological analysis Radar SENCI-ON beta3

.Reinforcement Rod Detector SENCI-ON pro

Rebar detection

The SENCI-ON PRO1’s radar is ideally suited for analyzing the strength of structures, finding fault to prevent accidents and investigating causes of accidents. The SENCI-ON PRO can accurately determine whether reinforcement rods have been placed according to construction drawings.

Film pressure measuring

Lightweight and handy Reinforcement Rod Detector which Measures Surface Layer Thickness SENCI-ON PRO2 utilizing its characteristics, now has a added function of measuring the thickness of asphalt and concrete.by setting the frequency of the electromagnetic waves high, not only can the SENCI-ON PRO detect the positions of reinforcement rods and pillars within concrete, but can now measure the thickness of the surface material as well.

Diagnosis of tree health

Lightweight and handy Reinforcement Rod Detector which Measures the Relative Dielectric Constant SENCI-ON PRO3 now comes with its special application to measure the dielectric constant.

This improvement of function to measure the dielectric constant is now possible by increasing the frequency conversion of the electromagnetic waves.  


Liquid security system SENCI-ON Omega WAS

Bottle interior liquid explosive detection

Liquid Detection Equipment, compatible to a minimum 30ml bottle

 This product is liquid detection equipment designed to prevent terror attacks. SENCI-ON omega WAS instantaneously and effectively analyzes liquids in bottles if it is a threat liquid or for drinking.

When setting up at all airports, embarkation ports, facilities, stadiums and subways where a lot of people gather, this greatly works as deterrent equipment against terrorism.


The radar system for the exploration of obstacles for Shield Machine


Underground radar probe

Hollow detection of water vein and the presence or absence of obstruction

GES System explores and indicates the existence or the absence of obstacles and their distance in

Front of the Shield Machine.

It is capable of planning the safety for the progress of the Shield Machine by automatically

Determining the individual cavities, ground water veins and ironstone-type rocks, (for the

Estimation of unexploded bombs).

Thus it can accurately catch the Information on underground explorations and communicate it to the operator. 

  • The detection of the presence or the absence of obstacles
  • The transmission of information on the distance of the obstacles
  • The detection of cavities, ground water veins and ironstone-type rocks
  • The automatic detection (for the estimation of unexploded bombs) and alarm output
Company Information

 Founded in 2002, in 2008 we acquired the patent in electromagnetic wave investigation technology from Cos company limited, and begun to sell electromagnetic wave exploration equipment.

At present, we are mainly selling Portable ground penetrating radar detection systems,Handy GPR reinforcement rod detector and Explosive Liquid Detection Equipment.

With the original electromagnetic wave technology of our company, all our products are lightweight and portable.
By making full use of microwave, you can easily investigate a subject by Non-contact, non-destructive operation.

TSA and DHS in USA are examining  Explosive Liquid Detection Equipment wether they can use it.
At present,We are exporting our products to the Middle and Near East.

We have the electromagnetic wave technology cultivated in the development field of high technology as know-how.
By installation of the software united with needs and a use, we can answer to your various demands.
 If you are interested in any of our products, or require any further information, please feel free to contact us today.

Tecnet CO.,Ltd

5-2-30 Iwatacho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0941 Japan

TEL:81-72-963-6291 FAX:81-72-963-6292


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